Medication Refill

You may have been given a prescription in the emergency department for a few days of your medicine. It is important to refill your medicine before you completely run out. You need to follow up with your healthcare provider for a full prescription within the next few days. You will not be given additional refills in the emergency department.


Follow up with your healthcare provider:

Contact your healthcare provider before you are completely out of medicine. Write down your questions so you remember to ask them during your visits.

Refill tips:

Your medicine will treat your condition if you take the medicine regularly. Prevent missed doses by doing the following:

  • Keep a chart of your medicine. Include all of your current medicines. Write down the name and strength of each medicine, the prescription number, and the number of refills. Also write down the dates of your refills. Ask your pharmacy or insurance provider for other ways to help you keep track of your medicines.
  • Refill medicines a few days before you run out. This will decrease any problems that will prevent you from getting your medicines on time. Problems include a closed pharmacy, or the pharmacy may have to contact your healthcare provider.
  • If you know you are going to be traveling, refill your medicines before you leave. You may not be able to get refills if you do not use your local pharmacy. You may need to call your insurance provider to make them aware of your travels.