New to Sesame Care

Hello there, my name is Dr. Carlo Oller and I am a board certified emergency physician for 18 years and just recently started doing telemedicine through the SesameCare platform.

Thank you for choosing me for your upcoming appointment!

To expedite the process please take the time to send me a text message to

770-450-5775 with detailed information for your pharmacy (if this is after hours and you need your prescription immediately, then consider sending it to a 24 hour pharmacy). This way I can have that pre-programmed and not waste our valuable time during the appointment.

If you are happy with your service today please leave a Google Review HERE.

If you refer a patient to me I would like to thank you by giving you a $5 Amazon gift card. So please text me the information of the referral, and once the appointment happens and they mention you by name I will send you a gift card to thank you!